The studio

With DE Architects, architecture becomes aware of the fact that places do not make the people, but the latter are those who reinterpret the spaces according to their own desires, personalities and needs.

This is why apartments, villas, offices and shops are designed, built or refurbished following the tailor-made philosophy, that is researching together with the client the materials, the subdivision of the rooms and the best aesthetic-functional solutions for the client’s style and personal needs.
Before being considered professionals, the architects of DE Architects are generators of places where every person has the possibility of finding his place and his size.


Arch. Emanuela Gatti

Attracted by minimal aesthetics, she puts her soul in each project.
She graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic and has never stopped
seeking perfect harmony between forms and functions.


Arch. Davide Chiarillo

He sees space not as a static matter, but as something dynamic that permits
being modelled. Graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic he dedicates particular attention not only to “change” but also to the enhancement of tradition.


We believe that creativity and imagination do not have structural limits or walls that can contain them. We think that neither the big nor the small exist, but that everything is related to the person who lives in the space..
Often we remove rather than add, because a place can find the right space to express itself. We design and build following the wise art of measurement, respecting atmospheres, styles and emotions. We see architecture as an elegant way to tell the story of people and places where they live, work and grow. In one word “living”.


  • be proactive
  • transparency
  • enthusiasm
  • readiness


Thanks to the network of professionals and consultants with whom we collaborate, DE Architects is able to respond to every single customer request, from the quotation of a property on the market before and after the project, on the execution of the works on the construction site, up to the assistance on the most bureaucratic aspects.