interior design, ristrutturazioni

House V+A

project details
  • client Private apartment
  • date 2014
  • images by Arch. Giulia Bottiani

The general layout of the apartment was not “distorted” except the access to the kitchen and the construction of a walk-in closet and shoe rack in the bedroom. In the renovation of this apartment, the focus was enhancing the space, in some cases of very small size such as the bathroom for example; and on giving importance to some typical details of the Milanese tradition: marble flooring, two-leaved wooden doors and cast iron radiators with exposed pipes.
Porcelain (gres) stoneware chosen for the entrance, the bathroom and the kitchen, although with their precise identity, communicate with the peculiarities of the state of affairs.
The colours, the furniture details, together with the furniture chosen with the property, make this apartment a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.


location Milano Zona Via Cenisio
mq 50